Chip Timing

We pride ourselves on providing a first class results service.

We have our own CHIP TIMING system and specially written software. When you cross the line (over the timing mats on the ground) your time is automatically saved and fed into the results system. Within seconds your time is displayed on a large TV screen in race HQ (or projected onto a wall).

When you've got your breath back you'll be able to see your position, your time and your age category position straight away.... and of all your friends and club members too.

At each event we have a prize presentation. As well as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (Male and Female) we have prizes for age categories too (always in 10 year age categories and sometimes in 5 year age categories in our bigger events).

We always publish results the same day on this website - usually within a few hours of the event and sometimes (depending on mobile coverage at the venue) before you get home.

Our CHIP TIMING equipment was supplied by IDChronos. We thoroughly recommend the system and the company. As well as providing an excellent after sales service, they responded very quickly to the hundreds of questions we had when looking to buy a system. They even loaned us the equipment for us to try it out at one of our races before buying.

What is Chip Timing 

In simple terms, you have a chip stuck to your race number (on the back) and when this passes over detection mats at the finish, your time is recorded.

Before the race the chip identifying code is matched to your race entry so when it crosses over the line, the controlling computer know it's you that's crossed the line.

'Gun to chip' and 'chip to chip'.

All UKA/ARC races require the results to be ordered based on 'gun to chip' time. This means that the moment the race starts (gun or horn) the clock starts ticking. All prizes must also be based on this principle.

We sometimes provide mats at the start too, in order to give 'chip to chip' times. 'Chip to chip' times are useful in larger races where it may take runners some time before they cross the start line. In this case, as well as there being a 'gun to chip' time on the results there will be a 'chip to chip' time also. It should be noted though that 'chip to chip' times are for information only - the rules state that results and prizes must not be based on them.

Our system has never let us down - we had far more problems in the days when we used a manual timing method. However, sometimes one or two chips may not work as they cross the finish line. We have generally found this to be down to the runner not fully understanding what the chip is and how it best works. For this reasons here are a few do's and don'ts:

We always video the finish for the duration of the race too (with race clock in frame) so that if we do have a computer meltdown we will be able to generate a set of results the next day.

Race Software - 'Race Partner'

Our race results software (Race Partner) was specially written for us by Geoff Cram of Chepstow Harriers. It allows us to configure the results in any way we wish. We can change age categories, change the numbers receiving prizes, have chip to chip timing, use manual timing in smaller races, print off a prizes summary, print all results, print team results, produce a .pdf for sharing on a website etc. If you would like to discuss using this software then please contact us on the tab above.

You can find out more about the software on it's own website -

Chip Timing for other races

We will consider timing races other than our own. If you'd like to receive a quote for chip timing your event please contact us (see 'contact us' tab). In general, we charge £450 for a race of up to 300 runners (£1 per runner thereafter). In addition we charge £50 per operator (2 minimum needed).

We can also provide you with a start/finish arch and large race clock for an additional fee.  

RESULTS for 3rd party timing services can be found here