All competition needs rules.

When you enter you agree to abide by these rules and our terms and conditions.

We urge you to read these carefully, before you enter, in order to avoid any misunderstanding at a later stage.

At RR we pride ourselves on being understanding event organisers. We are runners ourselves.

If you enter and then find at a later date you can't take part we appreciate that you won't want to waste your entry fee. Refunds are allowed up to a deadline - usually one month before the event. After this deadline, refunds are out of the question and no commercial race organisers offers them, due to committed expenditure made, based on the numbers entered - eg. we buy sufficient chips/cakes/medals/tee shirts etc and commit to employ or hire personnel and equipment on your behalf (one small example of this is that we pay the  online supplier of your entry between 90p and £1.50, so that's been spent immediately).  

For similar reasons outlined above with regard to refunds, we can't offer deferrals to our other events either.

However, unlike many event organisers, we do allow transfers. This means that you can get another person to run in your place as long as you change the details of your original entry to the new runner. You need to do this yourself by logging in to the on-line provider as you did when you first entered (Fabian4 or Full on Sport).

There needs to be a deadline for transfers though, as we need to get all the bib numbers and chips ready and boxed; the entrants database downloaded, checked and set up for the chip timing equipment and paper entrants lists printed out in alphabetical order ready for the registration team.  So that we can concentrate on more immediate tasks in the 2-3 days before the event, we tend to set the transfer deadline for one week before the event.

In all of our events (except Severn Bridge Half) we do offer transfers on the day of the race at the event HQ. If the new runner brings some kind of evidence (phone/paper) that the original applicant is happy for the transfer to go ahead, we will swap the place to the new runner and they will appear in the results. There may be an administration fee in some circumstances.

If you run for a club then your club fees go towards providing you insurance cover to run races. Therefore when you enter our races, if you are a member of club you can often pay £2 less. This is an insurance discount, as you have already paid this fee to your club. Being a member of club will save you money over the course of the year - the more races you run the more you save!

However the club you state on application must be an actual registered club which is affiliated to UKA, WA or ARC. If you simply make up a name or the club you belong to is not affiliated to UKA, WA or ARC you are defrauding the organisers by choosing not to pay for the insurance cover required by law.  

If you can no longer run the race and don't organise a transfer it is somewhat irresponsible if you allow another runner to run with your bib/chip number. There are several reasons why:

Please do not run on someone else's number. If we find out we will disqualify you from the event and reserve the right to inform your club/affiliated body.

In 4 of our events we need to implement a cut-off time. Before you enter make sure that you are capable of running the distance in under the time stated. We'd prefer not to have cut off times, however, in some cases the race permission gained from the highways authorities/local council is subject to this cut-off time. Quite simply, if we didn't implement it, the race wouldn't exist. In other cases we have created a cut-off time in the interests of our volunteers who help run the event. Marshaling, timing, serving cakes/teas etc is a demanding and tiring job and we can only expect them to be in their post for a reasonable length of time. If you continue running after the cut-off time, you do so at your own risk and are no longer part of the event. There may be no marshals in place to direct you, closed roads may open, the results team may have left the finish area and equipment at the HQ could be being packed away.

Severn Bridge 5 Night Race - 1 hour 20 mins

Severn Bridge Half Marathon - 3 hours

Severn Bridge 10k - 1 hour 40 mins

20/20 Fission (20 miles) - 4 hours