legs Individual Legs are detailed here. 

In 2022 there will be two new legs. The route will be a linear route from Ross-on-Wye to Chepstow.
The new route will be much easier to follow as it's all on well marked and easy to navigate paths and national trails. 

We provide these maps to give an indication of length, direction and terrain - they really are not accurate enough for on-the-day navigation. We suggest you transfer the route to a 1:25000 map to find your way on a recce and print off the detailed route description we provide for each leg.  There are many free on-line sources for mapping, one of which is suggested at the bottom of this page.

Leg 1 -  8.3kms, 262m  Ross on Wye to Kerne Bridge. NOTE - we are having to change our plans for this leg due to the amount of undergrowth that has appeared during May/June on the banks of the Wye. This leg now runs on the 'Wye Valley Walk' from Ross to Kerne Bridge. The route goes over Chase Wood and then follows part of the 'Howling Bull' race. This is quite a hilly leg but runs on well used paths. We recommend you recce this leg.
Detailed description here. 

The map below shows the route through Ross from the start - this will be marked on the day. The map is for recce purposes.

Leg 2 - 9.8km. 117m.  Kerne Bridge to Symonds Yat. Following the Wye-Valley Walk. An easy to navigate leg.
Starting just by the bridge on the footpath you run south keeping the Wye on your left. At the Welsh Bicknor works cross over the river on the bridge then keeping the river on your right run south. At Symonds Yat Rock run up the steep path, cross the road, and finish by the 'green box' below the Yat top car park.  
Detailed Leg 2 description here

Leg 3 - 8.6 kms, 150m

Leg 3 starts just below the cafe at the Symonds Yat upper car park (Hollow Rock), at a 'green box'. Follow the footpath down to the Wye and all the way to the Biblins Bridge. Cross the bridge, turn left and keep following the Wye Valley Walk on the north and west of the Wye all the way to Monmouth, cross the bridge over the Wye and finish in a pull-in near Topstack. SO 514127.   

Detailed route description for leg 3

Leg 4 - 10.6 kms, 450m

Leg 4 starts on the other side of the road from Topstack in Monmouth - a short distance up the Offas Dyke path (start of Kymin Winter Race). Run up the trail to the Kymin, past the Naval temple, through Redbrook and finish at Bigsweir Bridge SO 539051. Car parking - the exit road from the School next to Topstack has spaces, so does the school/sports centre. 

Leg 4 detailed route information here

Leg 5 - 5.2 kms, 20m

Leg 5 starts at Bigsweir Bridge and follows Offas Dyke by the river all the way to Brockweir Bridge SO 539011. All competitors should park at Gumbersland Barn and walk down to  the start at Bigsweir Bridge (please do not try to park here).

Leg 5 detailed route information here

Leg 6 - 7 kms, 275m

Leg 6 starts at Brockweir Bridge and crosses over to the west side of the Wye and follow the Wye Valley Walk to below Wyndcliffe at the bottom of the 365 steps. SO 529973. When you join the road in Tintern run on the pavement on the left hand side until a crossing can be safely made to the pavement on the right. This is a busy road. There is a slight change to the WVW once you leave Tintern - this is shown in red on the map above. The finish will be at the track gate, at the bottom of 365 steps just before the main road. 

There is plenty of space in Brockweir for cars up the hill towards McKenzie Hall on the side of the road - please do not clutter the main village - be considerate to residents - the future viability of the event depends on it. 

Detailed route description for leg 6 here

Leg 7 - 4 kms, 160m   

The 'Creber' leg. Leg 7 starts in the car park on the other side of the road to the finish of leg 6 at the bottom of 365 steps below Wyndcliffe, then follows the Wye Valley Walk all the way to Chepstow Leisure centre (the finish). Runners on this leg need to be aware that the terrain may be more challenging than elsewhere on the relay.  Lots of space to park cars in the car park opposite 365 steps descent. 

Leg 7 detailed route description here      GPX here

Maps: OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement

The maps on this webpage have been sourced via the OS OpenSpace API, which enables us to display quality Ordnance Survey maps (with optional boundaries) in this web application and overlay our data on them. 

These maps are indicative only - you will need to source accurate maps for navigating whilst on the route.   

Footpath Maps (https://footpathmaps.com/) are free online Ordnance Survey maps showing UK public footpaths, cycle paths, bridleways and other rights of way; for walking, cycling, and outdoor activities. We suggest you go there yourself and download the relevant part of the route you require and at the scale you need.